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In-Vitro Release Test , In-Vitro Permeation, In-Vitro Binding Study, Enteral Feeding Tube Studies



Organic Food Product Testing, Nutritional Labelling, Shelf Life Studies, Pesticides Residues, Antibiotic Drug Residues, Ethylene Oxide , Aflatoxin, Ochratoxin, Naturally occuring Toxins, Microbiology, Heavy Metals, Minerals, Vitamins, Sudan Dyes, Melamine, Aflatoxin M1


Potable Drinking Water as per IS 10500 : 2012, Swimming Pool Water as per IS 3328 : 2003, Endotoxin (B.E.T.) Test in Dialysis water, RO water for Hospital, Packaged Drinking Water as per IS 14543 : 2004


Method Development, Method Validation, Assay, Related Substances, Genotoxic Impurity, Nitrosamines, NDSRI’s Studies, Elemental Impurity Studies, Extractable and Leachables, In-Vitro Binding Studies, In-Vitro (IVRT-IVPT) Studies


Dietary Supplements Finished Products Testing, Nutritional Label Claims Testing, Microbiology, Consumer Products, Sensory, Comparison Studies, Nutritional, Vitamins, Anti-Oxidants, Minerals, Heavy Metals, Alcohol Content, Mercury Content

Beauty, Wash & Care

Impurities & Contaminants, Heavy Metals, Microbiology, Preservatives, Chemico-Physical Analysis, Residue Analysis, Vitamins

Environmental Monitoring

All food & pharma handling companies and establishments should employ an environmental sampling program to monitor for spoilage microorganisms and poisoning pathogens.


Doctors’ Analytical Laboratories is an privately held accredited, independent CTO (Contract Testing Organisation). A commitment to safety and high ethical standards, and a drive for excellence inspired us as we expanded – and these values are at the core of everything we do today. We are proud to be industry leaders, offering an unparalleled range of Tesing & Inspection services delivered by the most experienced scientific professionals. No matter the scope of work or special requirements, we have the people, knowledge and technology to tackle them.

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