Food & Agriculture Product Testing

Meat & Meat Product Testing

Major meat safety related issues include traditional as well as new, emerging, evolving pathogenic microbes and resistance to antibiotics. Other pathological issues include cross-contamination of foods, meat animal manure disposal issues, foodborne illness, and food safety programs at the farm. Other challenges include food additives, chemical residues, animal identification, traceability issues, quality and safety of organic and natural products associated with it. Doctors’ Analytical Labs performs testing of meat and meat products on state-of-the-art instruments and our team of qualified experts utilize analytical solutions for testing and analysis of raw meat, verification and testing of finished meat products, and process optimization. We focus on carrying out precautionary testing of meat and meat related food products in terms of food safety especially in current situations.

Test Parameters

  • Hormones
  • Physical & General Analysis (foreign matter, odour, flavour, free from any other kind of oil including mineral oil, etc.)
  • Chemical Analysis (moisture, water activity, pH, rancidity, salt content, etc.)
  • Nutritional Analysis & Labelling (energy, protein, carbohydrates, total sugar, etc.)
  • Vitamins (A, D, E, K, B-Complex, C)
  • Minerals (calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, etc.)
  • Mycotoxins (total aflatoxin, aflatoxin B1, etc.)
  • Heavy metal residues (lead, tin, arsenic, copper, cadmium, etc.)
  • Naturally Occurring Toxic Substances (NOTS like hydrocyanic acid, agaric acid, hypercine, etc.)
  • Melamine
  • Additives (sulphite as SO2, caramel III & IV, ascorbic acid, phosphates, sulfites, etc.)
  • Pesticide Residues
  • Antibiotics Residues (AHD, AOZ, AMOZ, amoxicillin, etc.)
  • Sensory Evaluation
  • Microbiological parameters (total plate count, total coliform count, yeast and mould count, salmonella and shigella, E. coli, etc.)